Chicken Chili Fajitas and Homemade Guacamole + How to Make Your Own Spicemix

Chicken fajitas is one of those dishes that never fail to hit the spot. Everyone loves it, it is easy to make for a crowd and easy to throw together without too much preparation. It is also one of those dishes that can be made infinitely better with a little bit more consideration – such as using homemade spice mix and making your own guacamole. It takes no extra time – the guacamole is easily crushed together whilst the chicken is frying, the seasoning takes a little bit longer in the shop the first time, but once this is done you’ll have enough to last you many Mexican meals in the future.

For the spice mix:
3 tbsp ground cumin
2 tbsp chili powder
1.5 tbsp salt
1.5 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp smoky paprika (hot)
1 tbsp sweet paprika (mild)
2 tsp oregano 1 tsp chili flakes
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper

In a bowl or an empty jar, stir together all spices until well mixed. Store in an airtight container with your other spices. Keeps well and is also a great gift!

Chicken Fajitas with Fresh Guacamole
Serves 2-3
300g chicken
1 pepper
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
4 sprigs of spring onion

1 large, ripe avocado
1 lime

Method Fajitas: Chop onion, pepper and spring onion into evenly bite sized pieces. Heat a tbsp of oil in a large frying pan, add the vegetables and cook on high heat until soft and black-blistered. This takes around 6 minutes in my kitchen – keep half an eye on it. This is the secret to good fajitas – soft, borderline burnt vegetables for that delicious, smokey savoury kick so don’t skimp on the cooking time.

Whilst the veg is frying, cut the chicken into bite sized pieces. When the veg is done, put aside into a bowl and add the chicken to the pan with some more oil, if needed. Cook until it starts colouring. Then add the vegetables back into the pan, add a good tablespoonful of your spice mix and stir well until everything is coated. Add a splash of water (I often add up until 0.5 dl as I like it a little saucy). My boyfriend also likes to add a tin of tomatoes – I prefer having my tomatoes fresh, but the choice is yours; both versions are delicious. Make sure the chicken is cooked through, and serve when everything is piping hot.

For the guacamole: Cut your avocado in half. To remove the pip (stone, kernel..?) hold the avocado in the palm of your hand, and with a sharp knife, whack it firmly but lightly straight on – the knife should cut into the pip, allowing you to wiggle it out with ease. Remove carefully. With a spoon, scoop the soft flesh out of the avocado and onto a cutting board or a plate. Mash with a fork. Cut your lime in half and squeeze the juice onto the avocado. Mash until it is as smooth or as course as you want. Add a sprinkle of sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. To loosen it (also works well for bulking it up – avocados are expensive so if you’re cooking for a crowd this is a great tip!) you can also add a tablespoonful of creme fraiche or sour cream. This is also great if your fajitas are very spicy, as dairy helps calm fiery mouths. Put your guacamole in a little dish and serve alongside your fajitas.

To serve:
Big green chopped salad
Flour tortillas, heated
Grated cheese
Salsa ..
whatever you fancy! In the picture I also had some really juice ripe pineapple – such an amazing addition and contrast to the spicy fajitas I urge you to try it!


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